Reasons to visit Port Alfred

Reasons why you should make Port Alfred your vacation destination!

Oceana Resort - The ultimate safari experience!

If you start to hanker for the bright lights of the city, Port Elizabeth is only about 1hour 45min away. So why not make a day of this trip? On the way to Port Elizabeth, there are several farm stalls that will break the journey, add interest and relieve any cravings for a snack that you might have. There is a touch farm at Tam'JaZi, just outside of Alexandria! Fresh pineapple juice and delicious jams at Boschoek nearby. Shortly after this you will find ice cold ginger beer (home made of course) at Oakley’s. A little further on your will find the giant farm stall at Nanaga. They are famous for their pies and freshly made rooster-koek, but have a huge selection of snacks and knick knacks to keep you interested. If you make it to Port Elizabeth you can visit the casino on the beachfront at Summerstrand.

Get the best of both worlds as you enjoy camping in style.

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