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  • National Arts Festival - GRAHAMSTOWN

    If you are staying at Green Fountain Farm Resort around the 28th June to the 8 July why not pop down the road to The National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. Only 34kms away it is a must visit for any … more

  • Flying the Blue Flag

    Just because every sea and ocean are blue, doesn’t necessarily mean that every beach is the same colour. Blue Flag status is only granted to the privileged few – a stamp to acknowledge … more

  • In the beginning

    Six name changes and a geographical shift would be enough reason to give anyone an identity crisis. Port Alfred, however, a beacon of heritage along the Eastern Cape coastline, suffers no personality … more

  • Rowing with heritage

    One of the oldest sports in the world winds its way through the Kowie River next month as the country’s top young rowers compete for the chance to be hailed as champions of the South African … more

  • Rounding off the year

    You know that office party at the end of the year where you go a little crazy, act surprisingly unlike yourself and then thank your lucky stars the office is closed until the new year so that people … more

  • Reserve your place

    It’s an often-forgotten fact that the Eastern Cape possesses some of the country’s finest game reserves. The Kruger National Park north of the country may be the first name that comes to … more

  • Getting there

    All roads lead to Rome, or so the saying goes. But replace ‘Rome’ with ‘Port Alfred’, and you have a literal idiom that illustrates various ways of landing at this gorgeous … more

  • Written in the stars

    Ever wondered what those three stars that adorn the plaque displayed on the wall at Green Fountain Farm Resort are? The ones in the colours of the South African flag … They’re not just … more