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Archives / 2011
  • Flying the Blue Flag

    Just because every sea and ocean are blue, doesn’t necessarily mean that every beach is the same colour. Blue Flag status is only granted to the privileged few – a stamp to acknowledge … more

  • In the beginning

    Six name changes and a geographical shift would be enough reason to give anyone an identity crisis. Port Alfred, however, a beacon of heritage along the Eastern Cape coastline, suffers no personality … more

  • Rowing with heritage

    One of the oldest sports in the world winds its way through the Kowie River next month as the country’s top young rowers compete for the chance to be hailed as champions of the South African … more

  • Rounding off the year

    You know that office party at the end of the year where you go a little crazy, act surprisingly unlike yourself and then thank your lucky stars the office is closed until the new year so that people … more

  • Reserve your place

    It’s an often-forgotten fact that the Eastern Cape possesses some of the country’s finest game reserves. The Kruger National Park north of the country may be the first name that comes to … more

  • Getting there

    All roads lead to Rome, or so the saying goes. But replace ‘Rome’ with ‘Port Alfred’, and you have a literal idiom that illustrates various ways of landing at this gorgeous … more

  • Written in the stars

    Ever wondered what those three stars that adorn the plaque displayed on the wall at Green Fountain Farm Resort are? The ones in the colours of the South African flag … They’re not just … more

  • Quenching the Ox Braai thirst

    ‘There’s no thirst like Bathurst.’ A chant you’ll be familiar with if you’ve ever been to the Eastern Cape village’s annual Ox Braai. Indeed, a thirst in this part … more

  • Tales of yonder years

    Visit Green Fountain Farm Resort today and you’ll find an excellently run establishment complete with mod-cons and perfectly landscaped gardens. But take a look back down the timeline of this … more

  • GFFR a preferred government supplier

    August saw Green Fountain Farm Resort being named one of the Eastern Cape government’s preferred suppliers. This coup is a great feather in the cap for Rob Greyling, owner of the resort that … more

  • More than a beach holiday

    Port Alfred is full of exciting activities for everyone – from hyperactive adventurers to lazy loungers. The December holidays are the perfect time to take advantage of this fun-in-the-sun … more

  • Kowie Carnival and boerewors kings

    Weekends are so overrated. We’ve discovered a recoup strategy that’s way better. It’s called the four-day weekend, and our über-chilled-out guests are proof that it works … more

  • Row, row, row your boat

    Oxford and Cambridge may have a long history of competitive rowing dating back to 1829, but did you know that we have a race that’s just as exciting, right here in Port Alfred’s waters? … more

  • Summer holidays are calling

    Waking up on an idyllic farm resort, taking a leisurely stroll through untouched vegetation before a lunchtime river cruise or a more adventurous session of surfing ended off with drinks overlooking … more

  • Country Weddings

    Choosing the right wedding venue is key to creating a spectacular setting for your special day.

    A country wedding brings you the best of both worlds – rustic romance in natural surroundings, … more

  • Beautiful Beaches in Port Alfred

    The Eastern Cape is known for it’s stunning beaches and our lovely town of Port Alfred is no exception! So whilst you are staying at Green Fountain Farm Resort head down to the coast any day of … more

  • Fishing on the River Kowie - Some Serious Fishing!

    The Kowie River is very close to Green Fountain Farm Resort, so if you are staying there and you love to fish we strongly recommend that you head on over and cast a line. Here is what you might except … more

  • The Settlers' Church: Some History in the Hills

    Port Alfred has a lot of history just waiting to be explored. You could very easily sit and read books containing the old settler’s tales whilst relaxing at Green Fountain Farm Resort, or why … more

  • Water Sports on the Kowie River

    With Summer getting ready to cast warm rays on Port Alfred, the Kowie river is expecting the masses to roll down its luscious banks and jump into its cool water. Whilst you are staying at Green … more

  • Take a tour and amble around Bathurst

    With a town that has so many heritages it is almost impossible to get through them all on just any weekend. So whilst you set up camp at The Green Fountain Farm Resort get your meandering shoes on and … more

  • The Big Pineapple

    Looking to do something completely different during your stay at Green Fountain Farm Resort? Why not visit the world’s biggest Pineapple?

    Bathurst is an area well known for its pineapple … more

  • Port Alfred Diving

    Scuba diving has never been a very popular undertaking with the local Port Alfred community, but this is rapidly changing as word spreads of the area's remarkably clear water and fantastic dive spots. … more

  • Wine Tasting at C’est la Vie 9 June

    If you are staying at Green Fountain Farm Resort or just popped into Port Alfred for the week, head down to C’est la Vie at The Postmaster’s Centre in Princes Street. C’est La Vie, … more

  • Port Alfred: A Brief History

    For such a small town in South Africa, the history of Port Alfred and the surrounding area is one rich beyond its size and prominence. One only has to look at its coat of arms to see the story this … more

  • Port Alfred, A Shopping Mecca…

    What holiday would be complete without a bit of retail therapy, and no stay at Green Fountain Farm Resort would be complete without an excursion through Port Alfred's various shopping centres… … more

  • Deep Sea Fishing in Port Alfred

    Whilst certainly not for those of us inclined to sea sickness, few activities can deliver the thrill and excitement of the moment a large game fish takes hold of the bait, the line zips through the … more

  • Revel in the Kowie River's Splendor

    One of the great benefits of staying at Green Fountain Farm Resort is its close proximity to the peaceful tranquility offered by the bird-life of the nearby Kowie River. One of the greatest relaxation … more

  • Croquet in Port Alfred

    When you think of croquet, if you’ve enjoyed C.S. Lewis’ classic perhaps you imagine The Queen of Hearts playing with flamingo-mallets in Wonderland! However, when we think of this past … more

  • A Golfer’s Paradise

    The Eastern Cape’s moderate temperature, beautiful scenery and pleasant weather make it an ideal venue for the ancient game, which is probably why there are so many courses in the province!

    Two … more

  • Horseback Adventures of a Lifetime

    It's well known that the scenery and shoreline in and around Port Alfred is absolutely spectacular, so if you're looking for an interesting way to take in the splendor of this beautiful part of the … more

  • Port Alfred African Adventures

    If you are staying in Port Alfred why not venture out to one of the surrounding Game Reserves for your big African adventure. Port Alfred is blessed to have a number of world-class game reserves in … more

  • Green Fountain: the perfect wedding venue

    Over the years Green Fountain has had the privilege of sharing beautiful wedding days with our guests. Not one wedding has ever been the same; each occasion is as special and unique as the next. Every … more

  • The Idyllic Kowie River

    Green Fountain’s close proximity to Port Alfred and all that this Eastern Cape gem has to offer means that our guests have a wealth of entertainment options available to them. If you’re a … more