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Archives / 2011 / July
  • Beautiful Beaches in Port Alfred

    The Eastern Cape is known for it’s stunning beaches and our lovely town of Port Alfred is no exception! So whilst you are staying at Green Fountain Farm Resort head down to the coast any day of … more

  • Fishing on the River Kowie - Some Serious Fishing!

    The Kowie River is very close to Green Fountain Farm Resort, so if you are staying there and you love to fish we strongly recommend that you head on over and cast a line. Here is what you might except … more

  • The Settlers' Church: Some History in the Hills

    Port Alfred has a lot of history just waiting to be explored. You could very easily sit and read books containing the old settler’s tales whilst relaxing at Green Fountain Farm Resort, or why … more

  • Water Sports on the Kowie River

    With Summer getting ready to cast warm rays on Port Alfred, the Kowie river is expecting the masses to roll down its luscious banks and jump into its cool water. Whilst you are staying at Green … more