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Country Weddings

Green Fountain Farm Resort - the perfect setting for a romantic country weddingChoosing the right wedding venue is key to creating a spectacular setting for your special day.

A country wedding brings you the best of both worlds – rustic romance in natural surroundings, plus top-class facilities and personalised service.

Many brides-to-be are opting out of pricy city packages and impersonal hotels in favour of cosy, more intimate locations off the beaten track.

A successful country wedding relies heavily on climate and location. Is your venue suitable at any time of year – or only in summer – and will your guests have to pay a small fortune in plane tickets and car hire to get there?

And, while you may love the idea of saying ‘I do’ in the middle of nowhere, there’s no point in planning your dream day in the back of beyond if it’s a battle for family and friends to make the trip.

Port Alfred is a premier destination for bridal couples keen to exchange vows against nature’s backdrop. There’s no better place for both a touch of rural romance and five-star luxury.

Whether you’d like to be barefoot on the beach or walk the aisle in a quaint chapel, the region has it all – kilometres of unspoilt coastline, the Cape’s longest sunshine hours and beautiful valley bushveld.

Nestled along the banks of the Kowie River in the Eastern Cape, Port Alfred is home to one of the region’s top country wedding venues, Green Fountain Farm Resort.

Just 6km outside town, Green Fountain offers bridal couples and guests a complete country package.

Fully equipped to host from pre-wedding proceedings to reception, you’re close enough to town for a one-day event, but far enough away to make a weekend (or week) of it.

Great accommodation, fabulous weather, beaches a stone’s throw away and country cuisine – it doesn’t get better than this.

Top tips for a winning wedding:

  • Plan ahead! Book your ‘people’ early, as service providers are almost never available at the last minute.
  • Put it in writing. Whether it’s selecting napkin folds or booking your gorgeous venue, every scrap of correspondence between you and service providers must leave a paper trail.
  • Tag a trouble-shooter. Choose someone you trust to be in charge of glitches and unforeseen problems on your wedding day. You don’t need the stress.


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