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Rounding off the year

You know that office party at the end of the year where you go a little crazy, act surprisingly unlike yourself and then thank your lucky stars the office is closed until the new year so that people have time to forget your antics? Well … it’s almost time for that annual shindig!

What better way to let loose and enjoy the social company of your colleagues than to get as far away from the office as possible? Green Fountain Farm Resort’s position six kilometres outside Port Alfred means you’re able to leave a year full of business stress and hectic lifestyle behind you and really soak up an outdoor environment very unlike your everyday workstation.

Besides the resort’s Milk Shed restaurant, which caters to every kind of party theme you chose, there’s a range of activities for those who are more interested in declaring a friendly competition against their bosses, like hitting the longest shot on Green Fountain Farm Resort’s driving range. Horse-riding, snorkeling and canoe outings are also available in the vicinity, making for great year-end memories. Just be prepared to see laugh-a-minute photos of yourself trying to get onto a horse making their rounds on the internal mail server next year …

Let’s not forget that there are still some refined business people out there, who, no matter the fact that it’s the silly season, will act anything but. Perhaps a more formal cocktail party is in order then? This, after a fun slideshow presentation in the Ithole Conference Centre on the resort property. Directors can have their final meeting of the year in the attached private boardroom before joining the rest of the team (the space can seat up to 50 people) for a final send-off showing video clips of activities they are proud to have been associated with throughout the year.

For bigger companies, there’s the beautiful thatch-roofed Nguni Function and Conference Centre. Its option of accommodating 140 people makes it a great venue for gathering all your staff one last time before the office closes to send them off with the latest company unveiling. The room’s professional stage means that anything from cars to kitchen appliances can be displayed here to get everyone excited for when the office reopens.

Although, after the great year-end bash you’re about to throw, the staff morale is going to be so high that you may not even want to close the office after all …

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