Horseback Adventures of a Lifetime

It’s well known that the scenery and shoreline in and around Port Alfred is absolutely spectacular, so if you’re looking for an interesting way to take in the splendour of this beautiful part of the world during your stay at Green Fountain Farm, why not consider doing it by horseback.

Beachcombers Horse Trails, situated in nearby Kenton-On-Sea, offers a range of beach, game park and multi-day rides, and promises the sort of experience you’ll remember for years to come. They cater for all riding levels, and welcome children form the age of 7 years and up, while their horses are a hardy mix of Arabian crosses.

Their beach ride starts along the beautiful beach near Bushmans Village, and will allow you to explore some of South Africa’s most pristine and untouched beaches. There are many small coves and rocky outcrops to explore on the ride, and on top of one of these headlands we find the Cross (or Padrao) erected by Bartholomew Diaz, the famous Portuguese navigator, in 1488.

This ride is an amazing experience and there is lots of space for skilled riders to have a gallop, alternatively, try a safe canter on the softer sand if you are inexperienced but adventurous!

Another exciting option is the game ride which takes you into the wild of the stunning Sibuya Game Reserve, home to four of the Big Five (elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo). The trail winds through steep valleys clad with indigenous forest, alongside breathtaking cliffs where birds of prey hang on the thermals, past winding rivers and through vast open plains teeming with game. This exclusive ride takes you where no 4×4 will and is led by an experienced guide with a goal of giving the safest and most exciting ride available.

And if you’re up for a real adventure, Beachcombers also offer a multi-day outride from the Bushmans River mouth to Boknes and beyond. On the way you’ll see the remains of the Volo Shipwreck (1896) and explore the coves and outcrops hidden from everyday visitors on these beautiful but remote beaches. With no time restrictions you can gallop on the hard sand, enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach or go for a leisurely swim with your horse.

After each ride you’ll get to wash your horse down and feed and brush your mount – a bonding session between man and beast! Any level of riding experience is welcome as Beachcombers will adapt the trail for your enjoyment.

To book your horseback adventure of a lifetime contact Beachcomber Horse Trails here:

Cell: +27 (0) 83 281 3322
Fax: +27 (0) 46 648 3040