Revel in the Kowie River’s Splendour

One of the great benefits of staying at Green Fountain Farm Resort is its close proximity to the peaceful tranquillity offered by the bird-life of the nearby Kowie River. One of the greatest relaxation resources in the area, the Kowie cleaves the tiny hamlet of Port Alfred down the middle and offers a variety of entertainment options, from fishing to waterskiing. But if you’re wanting to really kick back and just revel in the river’s splendour, what better way to do it than by packing a picnic basket and heading off with that significant other for some quality time taking in the local bird-life?

Port Alfred offers several idyllic spots along the Kowie’s banks that will allow you to indulge in the breath-taking beauty of the river and enjoy some of the 139 local bird species that inhabit the river system, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, the Horseshoe Bend near Bathurst offers one of the most remote and beautiful locations to get your chill on, and the only possible interruption to your solitude will most likely be in the form of the indigenous birds like the Common Greenshank, Whimbrel, Grey plover, Ruddy turnstone, Sandling and Blackwinged plovers.

Other birds you might encounter include the Lanner Falcon, the Greater Woodpecker, Steppe and Jackal Buzzards, and the Spotted Eagle Owl. Various species of Weavers, Thrush, Robin and Finch are common, and of course all the usual river birds such as Kingfishers, Cormorants, Geese and Ducks are always in attendance.

But of course the one bird that everyone wants to see, whether a die hard bird-watcher or just a casual observer, is the king of them all – the majestic African Fish Eagle. A full grown adult Fish Eagle can have a wing span of up to 8 foot, and weigh as much as 3.6 kilograms, making it one of South Africa’s biggest and most elegant birds. Their distinctive, piercing cry has become the soundtrack of the African wild, and there is no sight that is more incredible than that of a Fish Eagle snatching a fish from the water. It just might prove to be the highlight of your stay at Green Fountain Farm Resort…