Hit the Trail on an MTB: Mountainbiking Through the Eastern Cape

For those looking to combine excitement, exercise, and tranquillity there is little out there more appropriate than Mountain Biking or MTB. Whether you’re cruising a flat section admiring the scenery, every muscle is burning while you battle a steep climb or your blood is pounding in your ears as you defy disaster on a curvy downhill track, this sport has it all. the Eastern Cape is inundated with race routes, sight seeing trails and multi-day tours. You can even go through a game park by bike.

Whether you’re a novice to the sport or an old pro looking for a fresh challenge and want to explore the Eastern Cape terrain, there are a few online resources that will help you out, particularly Eastern Cape Mountain Biking and MTB Routes Online. These sites have a phenomenal amount of information regarding the routes in this area as well as events and races. MTB Online is another resource-rich local site covering everything from events and sports news to clubs, trails and product.

There’s a large variety of trails and trail types in the region, some of which take you through several types of terrain. One of the easier local routes to consider while staying at Green Fountain Farm Resort is the Baakens River Trail, but there are more difficult options if you’re up for them. The Fish River Sun trail, for example, will take you through forest, sandy trails and even a stint on the beach if the tide is low and you’re up for the extra distance. Compare that to the Thomas River race course through forests and hills or the Bathurst Bundu Bash route, organised by the local Rotary Club, and you can appreciate the diversity of terrain.

If you’re new to the sport and looking to get started we suggest checking out The Hub, the premier online destination for all things pedal powered in SA, and a good spot to get your equipment is Buy Cycle, they stock everything. Keep an eye on the local scene by visiting Bicycling, they have plenty of fresh news and a lot of great tips and advice. If you’re not sure when to come check the scene out the next local event is in early May so come try a few of the trails and then go watch how the pros do it.

If you need a long-term goal, the 3 day long, 200km Lord of the Chain Rings race is in November. But you better start training now, because after that you’re gonna definitely need a drink by the pool and you won’t want to look at a bike for a long time to come.