The Big Pineapple

Looking to do something completely different during your stay at Green Fountain Farm Resort? Why not visit the world’s biggest Pineapple?

Bathurst is an area well known for its pineapple farming, as the Eastern Cape is home to a large and bustling pineapple growing industry, which sees approximately a thousand tons of pineapples being transported by rail from Port Alfred each year alone. Things have come a long way since 1865, when the first pineapple was planted. So when you hear someone say that the little town of Bathurst claims the biggest pineapple on the planet, one is merely intrigued.

Amongst the shades of green and gold sweetening the warmth of the sun, the Big Pineapple is a local landmark. The Pineapple which is ‘planted’ on an 1820 Settler farm stands almost 20 meters high, and what may look like a Vodacom tower is home to your one stop tourist shop and of course, all things to do with the agricultural success of the prickly fruit.

As visitors enter the big Pineapple, they are welcomed and taken on a tour of the pineapple history, all three storeys in fact. The entrance on the ground floor, boasts a gift shop that sells a wide and interesting variety of pineapple products and souvenirs. Jams, preserves, chutney, locally made pottery and crafts, and various items of clothing are just a few of the goodies to walk away with. The next floor features tourist information and static displays of the pineapple story, a must visit for kids doing school projects or just to expand your fruity knowledge. Another level houses a continuous visual presentation on the Eastern Cape Pineapple industry, and leads up to the observation deck. Here you can bask in the 360-degree views of the magnificent surrounding farmlands and the Indian Ocean.

What’s exploring without a smooth sundowner. Just minutes away, pop into the oldest pub in South Africa (approx 170 years old). ‘Still no thirst – like Bathurst’, The Pig and Whistle will have you sipping away on one of their pineapple cocktails- if you haven’t had enough of the summer fruit, it is a must have to end your day.

The Big Pineapple on Summerhill Farm, Kowie Road, Bathurst is open from 9am to 4pm daily. For more information and tour bookings call: +27 (0) 46 625 0515