Water Sports on the Kowie River

With Summer getting ready to cast warm rays on Port Alfred, the Kowie river is expecting the masses to roll down its luscious banks and jump into its cool water. Whilst you are staying at Green Fountain Farm Resort don’t forget to pack your swimming gear and head down to the river for a full day of water sports.

The great banks of the Kowie River run from way inland down to the sea. It is navigable for boats for almost 25km. The river creates a haven for fishermen, canoeists, water skiers and those just wanting to idle up the river and watch the world go by.

Boating enthusiasts would be delighted to know that throughout the Kowie river there are launching pads from which to release your boats, as well as designated car parks to keep your vehicle safe whilst you are exploring the river.

As well as being a safe place to picnic on the banks, the Kowie river boasts one of the best skiing and wake boarding waterways in the Eastern Cape. Hidden corners that are untouched by the wind create a glassy surface to practice your sprays and the fun bends to perfect those wake riding skills!

Although there are boating restricted areas, these are only to make sure that the motorboats don’t disrupt the wildlife that will be grazing close to the water’s edge. Speed limitations are also posted for this same reason as during the summer months the Kowie river becomes quite populated with boating traffic, so by obeying the rules you ensure your whole family have a safe holiday.

If you fancy a night on the water there are spacious, comfy houseboats for hire. Speed boats are unfortunately restricted to be out of the water by dusk but hiring a house boat for the evening can satisfy your adventurous spirit. Houseboats make a great opportunity to host a party or just see the river from a different perspective. If you fancy on keeping them for the duration of your stay you can fish, bird spot or enjoy the various game that roam the bank by day. Then imagine going to sleep with just the sound of lapping water to send you to dreamland.

Whatever your fancy, the Kowie River makes a great day out for all you water enthusiasts!