Fishing on the River Kowie – Some Serious Fishing!

The Kowie River is very close to Green Fountain Farm Resort, so if you are staying there and you love to fish we strongly recommend that you head on over and cast a line. Here is what you might except to take a nibble …

The Kowie River holds very good numbers of Grunter Steenbras and Kob. There are a lot of species in the river and you should get a few, if not many bites. During winter dropshots and lures generally produce more fish than baits in the Kowie River and other rivers surrounding it. There are lots of Cape Stumpnose, which grow to about 1kg, Catface Rockcod, Cape Moonies, Strepie, Pinky and other smaller fish species. One can use small lures between 3 and 9 cm. This should get you onto a few fish, small poppers and small to medium sized deep divers such as strike pros Halcos and Rapalas. There are a few Leeries and Springer in the Kowie as well, these are awesome fighting fish and they will take dropshot too!

Bait wise make sure you have some mud prawn and if you can get some sand prawn, that’ll do too. Pink prawn also works like a charm! Fish the deeper drop offs and banks around structure for Kob and the mud banks and sand banks for Grunter and Steenies.

If you are the adventure-type fisherman the Karigea river is 15km from the Kowie and offers Poppers that will really make you chase. Find a bank (which are easy to get to) and cast that line.

Fisherman must be warned when casting with live bait, in the summer months, don’t get a fright when you happen to have a Ragged-tooth shark caught on the end of your line. These guys travel way up the river from October to March and grow to 100kgs!

Well we are on the topic of deep-sea fish – surf fishing straight off the harbor river mouth is an amazing spot. Big Raggies, Flatfish and occasionally Tigersharks are caught there. There are however a lot of rocks but it is a great angling location nonetheless. Expect big Bream Blacktail and Stumpies up along the sides, and as we have stressed before, shark fishing is crazy here!