The Biggest Bash in Town – The Ox Braai

2-OxBraaiMore than 30 years ago, Francois Vosloo, the then principal of the Shawpark School offered to do an ox braai as a fundraiser for the Shawpark Country Club, to say ‘thank you’ to the club, who allowed the school to use the sports fields at the club.

Well this idea took off with a vengeance and now more than 30 years on it is an icon of life in the Kowie and more especially Bathurst. This event, started from humble beginnings, now attracts more than 10 000 people and this year the chefs will cook more than 70 beef hind quarters to feed the hungry masses. Believe it or not, the man organizing the braais will be none other than Francois Vosloo, the man who started it all. That is true staying power.

This year the ox braai will be held on Friday, 30 December 2012, at the Bathurst Showgrounds. It is a surreal experience to see so many young kids coming together to have a party. If you are over 25 you will hear comments like “What are those ‘Old Toppies’ doing here.” Every car has its doors open and the stereo full blast, each playing a different song. Truly mind blowing. There are bands and DJ’s that will keep the people humping and pumping, grooving and grinding all night long. No one leaves until sunrise.

This is a young people’s thing. So take the youngsters to the party and then come back to Green Fountain Farm Resort and enjoy the peace, quite and tranquility over a glass of cold wine. You will only be called to fetch them the next morning. Bring them back to the farm for a hearty farmhouse breakfast and a much needed cream sober.

Some people say you haven’t lived until you have been to the Ox braai.