Fancy a visit to East London! There’s so much to do on the way!

If you are still hankering for the bright lights, you can go East to East London, 1hour 30min away. On the way you can pop in to Natures View Farm stall for fresh pineapple juice and other goodies. The Fish river diner is next to get a snack for the road. About 50km on you will get to Birha (pronounced Biga). There is a substantial farm stall with pies and other food, furniture and curious. We would advise you turn off to Kids Beach, (about 30km’s from East London). Go and sip something cold or have a meal at the restaurant, right on the sea. The view will keep you spellbound for a long time. If you get to East London you can also visit the casino and the huge Hemmingways Mall to get some retail therapy. For more info contact the reception desk at Green Fountain Farm Resort.

Get the best of both worlds as you enjoy camping in style.