Time to Recharge

While the family relaxes at Green Fountain Farm Resort, mom or dad can visit St Frances Health Centre, only 20 minutes away. This haven of tranquillity offers treatments from a day or a week or more, depending on your needs. Besides a vegetarian cleansing diet and first class accommodation in peaceful surroundings they offer complimentary therapies like reflexology, aromatherapy, therapeutic massages and aqua aerobics. You can go for an assessment where your needs will be assessed and beneficial treatments prescribed.

Highly skilled professionals will rejuvenate your body and focus your mind leaving you invigorated, relaxed and ready to tackle the world. More specialized treatments such as Ozone Therapy, Magnetic field and colour therapy, specialised kinesiology, Acupuncture, bio energy therapy and Nero linguistic programming are on offer to ensure that you feel relief from your stress and strife. When you return, spend a few more days at Green Fountain Farm Resort to complete a magic holiday. For more detail contact our reception staff at Green Fountain Farm Resort.