Green Fountain Farm Caravan & Camping Rewards

Some would say that just the pleasure of camping in the beautiful caravan park at Green Fountain Farm Resort with its lush grass underfoot and the private bathrooms is reward enough. But we feel that we would like to do a little more to reward our regular customers and make their return to Green Fountain Farm Resort that much more enjoyable. The Green Fountain Farm Resort rewards program works as follows. For every night you stay in the caravan park you will receive one point. For every 5 points you will receive one night free at another time (out of season). If you introduce a friend that is not already a member of our rewards program you will receive one point for every night they stay. The free stay nights are not transferable and must be used by the club member. So what are you waiting for? Hitch up the caravan or pack the tent and start earning points right away. Before you know it you will be enjoying free holidays or weekends away with your points. For more details please contact our friendly staff at reception at Green Fountain Farm Resort.