Malaria Free Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape is blessed with a wonderful combination. We have great wildlife parks that are situated in a malaria free area. You can see everything from the big 5 to the smallest bird and not have a care in the world about the dreaded mosquitoes. Green Fountain Farm Resort is further blessed to have a huge selection of game reserves within spitting distance of the Resort. The farm on which the resort is situated is now game fenced and will soon have a wide selection of game that can be viewed from the resort. Just think of the iconic parks that surround Green Fountain Farm Resort. ADDO – KARIEGA – SIBUYA – PHUMBA – SHAMWARI – LALIBELA – AMA KHALA – OCEANA, to name just a few. So if you want to spend time watching game in a malaria free area you simply have to come to Green Fountain Farm Resort and enjoy yourself without the pills and the nausea and the worry. For more info please call our friendly team at Green Fountain Farm Resort. We will make your day.