Bathurst Show

There seems to be a certain magic about an agricultural show that transports you back to a time when life was slow and peaceful. The Bathurst show is over 100 years old and no self-respecting resident from the Kowie and Albany district would miss it for the world. Every year you see the same stuff which somehow gives you a reassuring calmness that comes from tradition. There are lots of youngsters competing in the equestrian competitions while the farmers show off their cattle and pigs. One of the highlights is to visit the poultry section where the competition is keen for prizes. Once you have paid homage to the stalls and displays it is customary to ease down to the Bull Ring Bar where you will run into lots of friendly faces. You can enjoy a draught beer and look over the fence at the horse jumping. This activity will build a healthy appetite. You will be attracted to the braai situated next to the bar. Order a large T-bone steak or two and enjoy. Whatever happens you will be back next year. After a long day, return to Green Fountain Farm Resort and the tranquility of your villa and ponder the wonderful day you had at the Bathurst Show. For more details contact our friendly staff at the Green fountain Farm Resort reception.