Do Things Equestrian

Green Fountain Farm Resort is ideally placed for those who would like to do things equestrian. Just a few kilometers up the road to Kleinemonde is the 3-Sisters Horse Trails. This is a wonderful experience for those who are accomplished riders as well as for beginners. You meander through the dune bush with fleeting glimpses of the ocean until you break out on the beach. Build up a sweat as you bond with your steed. Then race back to Green Fountain Farm Resort for a refreshing cocktail around the pool. To the west you travel about 25 kilometers to the Beachcombers Horse Trails at Kenton-On-Sea. This is an equally beautiful and enchanting trail through the Albany thicket to the beach. Whichever you choose you will have a great time and a warm welcome on your return to Green Fountain Farm Resort. For more detail or to book, contact the reception office at Green Fountain Farm Resort.