Spectacular History

Whilst staying at Green Fountain Farm Resort it is common for our visitors to plan day trips to places of interest. One such day trip is to visit the Dias Cross in Bokness. Bokness is about 30km from Green Fountain Farm Resort. Ask our friendly staff for directions. From the Bokness main beach you can stroll in an easterly direction. About 4km or plus minus 1 hour later you will be at the Dias Cross. In February 1488 the expedition of Bartholomew Dias planted this cross on African soil to mark the progress they had made to find a route around the cape to India in the east. He was the first European to set foot in Southern Africa. In 1988 the 500th anniversary of this landing was celebrated. During your walk you should keep an eye out for the marine life such as dolphins and whales. If you are a very energetic you can continue on for another hour to the Kwaaihoek Marine Reserve. Be aware of the tides. You can return to Bokness and have a picnic to round off a lovely day. Then return to Green Fountain Farm Resort and sip sundowners on your deck.