Bathurst Agricultural Museum

Bathurst is a village of many hidden treasures and worth several visits during your say at Green Fountain Farm Resort (See reason 6, 24, 35 etc.). One such treasure is the Agricultural Museum. Established in 1970 to preserve the heritage and courage of the 1820 settlers. This museum lifts the veil on what life was like in the early days of farming in the Eastern Cape and created a home for the valuable articles that would otherwise have been lost forever. Starting with just 30 items, the collection has grown to more than 1500. Here you can view Ox-wagons, tractors, horse drawn carriages, dairy equipment, agricultural implements and even children’s toys. There is something of interest for everyone. After your interesting but tiring tour, you can enjoy a cold refreshment in the museum pub and a bite to eat. You can then meander back through the village on your way back to Green Fountain Farm Resort. Another excellent outing to make your stay at Green Fountain Farm Resort even more memorable.