Quin Gallery and the Golden Mile

During your stay at Green Fountain Farm Resort you may wish to make a day trip to Alexandria. This little town is home to the only chicory processing plant in South Africa. It is also the home to Mrs. Maureen Quin one of South Africa’s most prolific sculptors. She has open house at her garden and studio where you will find her hard at work with the many commissions she receives every year from corporates and individuals. Meander through the studios and showroom as well as the garden, strewn with wonderful artistic pieces. Enjoy a cup of tea and discuss art with the other guests. If you fancy a piece of art, buy it. I am sure it will double its value in a very short time. Once you are done with the art, take a slow drive through the forest (Part of Addo Elephant Reserve), down to the coast. Here you will drive through the most beautiful farms, right on the coast. This area is known as the golden mile, as it has superb rainfall to ensure a great farming future. You will emerge near to Bokness and Cannon Rocks. These wonderful coastal hamlets are very much worth a visit and a bit of exploration. Soon however you will be drawn back to Green Fountain Farm Resort for a cold one on the deck of your villa.